Hello, Billy here!!

by Billy - 20:51 on 17 September 2013

Hello, my name is Billy and I am 4 years old. 
I have been living here at Feufield for quite a few months now and I am really grateful that I was rescued. The first few years of my life weren't that great and when I arrived here I was very skinny, I had really itchy skin and my nose was really sore. 

But all this was taken care of here at Feufield and now I am the happy Pony I was always meant to be.

I have had a fantastic summer here at the farm with many many visitors coming out to see me on a daily basis. I am really enjoying all this attention and I feel very happy now.

My day starts early in the morning when I thunder across the big field imagining I am a race horse. Someone will then come up to take me into my paddock for the day. But let me tell you, some days I make this quite tricky for them and keep running off....it is great fun to watch them run after me...hihi.....Anyways, the figured out that I really really like carrots and now they usually bribe me into my paddock with carrots.

In my paddock I will then have a little snooze on the sunshine, this running around at night is tyring I can tell you. Once the farm opens it usually doesn't take very long until. the first vistors arrive at my field to see me. They like taking pictures of me and petting me. It is rather nice!

Sometimes children will want to meet me close up and others want to experience a fantastic ride around the farm. So I have to head down to the stables to get brushed and saddled. This really is a great part of my day as I enjoy all the attention and cuddles.

The brushing is especially nice and I find it very relaxing. It is the best massage in the world. Once my coat is all nine and shiny I get to wear my pretty saddle and bridle.

Don't I look handsome?


Most children really enjoy their time with me and they rarely want to leave again. I take them past all the hens and ducks all the way up to see the goat's and llamas. Walking across the bridge is always exciting! 

Once I am finished with all my lovely rides I get to go back to the stables to drink some fresh water and to eat some more carrots. On a hot day I also get to enjoy a really nice shower.

Then I head back to my paddock where I rub myself against all the fences to dry off and to see if I can maybe knock one down!! 

Once all the visitors have left for the day and the Llamas and Goat's head into the bottom field for the night I get to enjoy galloping around my big field again. I am a race horse once more! ;-)

As night falls Kim usually comes around to walk the Rhodesian Ridgebacks through my field. I enjoy thundering across the field to catch up with them and to get some extra cuddles and kisses. Although sometimes I am a bit naughty when I try and chase the dogs...

Then before I go to sleep I look up to the moon and stars and thank them for being able to live a happy life af Feufield!! Thank you!! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading my first entry to this blog. It is a bit tricky to hit the right keys with my big hooves! I would be delighted if you leave me some comments too!

Good night!!

Billy xxx

PS Before I forget, remember you can adopt me or any other animal at Feufield to help us through the winter and keep as fed and warm!

You can find more information here:


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