by THE FABULOUS LLAMA BOYS......! - 19:33 on 03 January 2011

Hey it's Paco and Lorenzo here,wow we have been amazed at how many lovely folk have been out to visit us during the first 3 day of the new year.It's been rEAlly COld heRe...ooooh   nooo Lorenzo will you pack it in and get OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooff the  kkkkkkkkEYboard??? how many more times....Paco-why don't YOU pac it in tee hee ( get it? PACO-PAC it in hee hee!) Now now,let's have some order here-Archie Top Cockerel to the rescue! Must say I'll have to get  brewing more of my delicious tomato chutney,it's flying off the shelves...have to concede though that those Llama Boys have been selling a lot of their blackcurrant jam,think it has something to do with that rather fetching Fluffy Lady Llama Olive...what a gal! Oh no here comes Hetty Hen-I'm off.........        

La La Lara here or to be precise Lady La La -that Olive is not the only "Lady" round here,had a go at butting her,flippin' 'eck -she kicks back!!!!! have to have a rethink.We all trotted round the field this morning and even baby Hannah,who's only 2 wanted to "Walk with Llamas".Still I got lots of lovely hugs and cuddles and so did my kid,Honey.The urge to butt resurfaced just as Mustang Sally appeared,boy-did she get more than she bargained for!!! Got to keep these dogs in line..Everyone thought our antics were hilarious and we all got tasty treats when we got back to our shelter and settled down for a good munch of nice fresh hay (us-not our visitors!,although we don't mind sharing)

That's it for now we all off to bed,see you soon luv The Feufield Family x

Comment from LUCY at 21:35 on 09 January 2011.
im missing feufield soo.much are you feeling better i am. i wish feufield a good year to come ta ta beeter be off now love to all in feufield lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Comment from lucy wilson at 13:39 on 06 February 2011.
hi its me lucy and georgie i relly enjoyed the panto it was fun and i hope you enjoyed it to georgie is my best friend and she is soo despret to come and see feufield georgie loves sally to like we all do and i love sally the most ta ta better be off now love lucy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Comment from Mary Crawford at 18:48 on 18 January 2012.
Roll,bacon and egg are "triffic"

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