Feufield-Our Adopted Home from Home...

by Juno and Freya...Allison's babies..x - 15:38 on 02 April 2011

Greetings,Juno and Freya here.We came to Feufield last week with our Southern Mama and Papa John.Don't know why, but whenever Mama Allison speaks (she's from the southern states of the USA) Kim,who's apparently a hen slave here starts shouting..."Aah saay bohy" and starts laughing about a chicken called Foghorn Leghorn"...very strange! Anyway,when we got here we found our friends had arrived before us and taken up residence.We like it here and Mama and Papa can visit us whenever they like.We're looking forward to Easter when we can show them  around and introduce them to all our new friends.Just off for a swim,luv Juno the gander and Freya the goose.

Ps.Word is that lovely DogsTrust sponsor dog Chance from West Calder is going to visit us next week,can't wait to show him Feufield! Hee hee.

Comment from LUCY WILSON! at 22:08 on 12 April 2011.
HI im soo exited to come up on the 22nd on the train with kitty and amy see ya all soon lots of love and kisses feufield tata better get to bd bye bye xxx
Comment from lily and gran fifi at 17:21 on 13 April 2011.
to the animals and kim we had a lovely morning at feufield today say hello to the llamas for us.the hot choc was delicious thankyou We hope you have a busy easter. bye bye
Comment from Mustang Sally... at 17:38 on 13 April 2011.
Hi Lily and gran fifi,it was fun to meet you all this morning.I've hidden some more sticks so that maybe we can play next time you visit.Ta Ra luv Sally x
Comment from LUCY WILSON at 21:46 on 19 April 2011.
I CANT WAIT TO COME UP TO FEUFIELD i really miss sally.I have made you some cards and pictures hope you like them aunty jackie and kim tata better be off now see ya love to all in feufield xxx
Comment from lucy wilson at 21:22 on 18 May 2011.
hi feufield cant wait to come and see you all especially georgia i have made a card and magnet for georgia and feufield. my teacher wants to come up and see you. love you all bye xxxxx
Comment from sandra watson at 19:00 on 23 May 2011.
just spent the most enjoyable 10mins in the pouring rain & wild wind letting our new chicks eat from my hand. They are so trusting already. just thought that I would let you know that Jiffy,Jaffy,Ginger & Bunty boiught last Thursday are doing great & bringing much pleasure. We were brave enough to let them out into the garden yesterday & couldn,t believe how they knew their way back to the run & coop. Love from all
Comment from adam murray at 00:02 on 22 August 2011.
omg just found this miss you millions canb you call me please want to bring the bf and family out to see you and the animals miss bruce sally and the llamas millions also looking for a duck or goose xxxx you realy are the most friendly person i have ever met xx
Comment from Elizabeth and Megan at 11:33 on 18 September 2011.
hiya sorry it took so long to write. hows tommy and jet doing? Been so busy got 2 new chicks up here too! We will vist soon let us know how they are getting on!
Love elizabeth and megan xxx
Comment from Teresa and Alan Murphy at 17:15 on 19 October 2011.
Dear Kim and Jackie

Purchased our chickens on 25 07 11. We are delighted with our 4 hens who have settled in nicely and are doing really well. Thanks for all your help, advice and our hens - very much appreciated.
Apologies for not being in touch sooner but my dad was very seriously ill. Thankfully he appears to over the worse and is now in the recovery mode.

Best wishes from Teresa and Alan
19 10 11
Comment from Fiona Nicolson at 20:12 on 25 October 2011.
Dear Kim, Jackie and Chance,

How are you all? Sorry I haven't been out for ages. Very busy eg work, courses and making the most of the caravan. We had our last weekend away this year, just this last weekend. I will try and come out soon. Unable to come to Halloween night. Hope it goes well. Missing Chance very much.

Love Fiona

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