Ducks & Geese.


Quality Free Range birds for the discerning enthusiast at fair prices.

We hatch and raise a variety of several breeds of hen, including:

  • Sussex
  • Speckeldy
  • Rhode Rock
  • Calder Ranger
  • Blue Ranger (Smokey Blue)
  • Amber Link.

We also hatch and sell our own pure breed Cream Legbars .

From day one, our chicks are reared in small flocks to prevent overcrowding,and bedded on fresh clean litter.They receive full time care and attention from our dedicated carers.Animal welfare and well-being are our priority.We welcome visitors free of charge and are proud to show our customers "The Feufield Way" of raising and caring for these wonderful creatures.These sentiments are reflected in our mission statement-"Working with Nature: Co-operation NOT Exploitation".

We offer free advice and provide before and after sales service.Our aim is that you and your "Feufield Free Range Bird(s)" enjoy a long and rewarding experience.We believe that is why so many folk return time and time again for a "Feufield Free Range Bird".

Quality birds-Quality service.

We encourage customers to keep in touch and keep us up to date with their new "girls" (and boys!) and love to hear when a beloved pet has laid her first egg!

Check out our guestbook and read about customers who have become "Friends of Feufield".

Chicks (day old to 6 weeks) from £8

Growers 6 weeks +  from £15.00.

Point of Lay Bird £30.00.

Please visit our FEUFIELD facebook page and leave your details. Coming soon-our NEW online Charity Shop will enable you to purchase hens,equipment,housing and much more.Pay and then collect service.

Starter packs of bedding, feed, drinkers, feeders.Oystershell grit and pet carriers also available.

Happy Clucking !