Toby the parrot squawks: "Share the Love but not the Mess!"

From Toby's words of Wisdom series.

 Toby is indeed a very wise and much loved member of our "Feufield Family of Animals" There is so much to learn from animals-

"Working with Nature-Co-operation NOT Exploitation"

Feufield's mission statement highlights this.We cannot do this alone and so we have strived to take this heartfelt belief forward and have formed The Feufield Trust.

We urgently need sponsors and donations to carry forward our charitable work.All donations are very welcome and can be made simply by pressing the "DONATE" button on this website.For further information about corporate sponsorship,sponsoring/adopting an animal please call 07800 578915.Cheques payable to The Feufield Trust.

Here at Feufield we welcome visitors  to come and share our beautiful location and offer a  unique opportunity to "get up close and personal" with our diverse family of animals.
We are able to give a loving home to animals in need(subject to availability) to live happy lives, side by side our own wonderful "Feufield Family" of animals.
Animal welfare,well-being and a good quality of life is our priority!
Join us and become part of our story!
Adopt a member of our wonderful "Feufield Family" of animals or make a donation and "Share(and Feel) the Love!".......but not the mess..( we and our dedicated carers do that !..tee hee).
All donations/adoption contributions go directly to the care of our animals.We look forward to welcoming you to Feufield.
P.s. Press the DONATE button now!
But don't expect any DOUGHNUTS!
Love and waggy tail, Taz Super Terrier x