News from Feufield

Biggar Little Festival..
12 July 2014

For the 4th year running Feufield will be part of The Biggar Little Festival in October. Check out the BLF website for more details.

Heather the Rhea has a new man !......
12 July 2014

Hi everyone ! Hope you are enjoying your summer holidays ! You may know that two years ago Heather the Rhea laid eggs and baby Murray was the result. Sadly Heather was widowed twice and became quite depressed. Good news ! Heather now has a new man-the handsome Kenneth. She is sitting on at least four eggs, with Ken doing his bit of child minding too ! Watch this space.......xxxx

New Holistical Therapies at Feufield..
15 June 2014

Check out our brand new page on facebook: New Holistical Therapies at Feufield.

For Health , Wellbeing, Sports Injuries, Palative Support and Relaxation Methods.

Therapies for your pet(s) too !


More information on our facebook page.