News from Feufield

Big Thank You.......
29 October 2014

The Feufield Trust wishes to express it's grateful thanks for the recent donations of feed and bedding. At this time of year we need all the support that YOU can offer. Recent feed donations have included wheat, dog food, treats,hay,apples,cabbages,lettuce,layers pellets and straw. All of these wonderful gifts have been put to immediate use for the animals in our care. These donations are vital. Feed can be dropped off at Feufield Farm or Feufield's Llamas' Larder,25,High Street , Biggar. Please call 01899 220844. Alternatively, DONATIONS can be made by pressing the DONATE button on the right hand side of this page.

£5.00 buys a bale of Hay or Straw.

£10.00 feeds and treats a dog for 1 week.

£15.00 feeds our wonderful Goats Lara,Honey,Suzie,Charlie and Amber for a week.

THANK YOU- we have many more beautiful and friendly creatures that NEED your help.....Bing and Sapphire the Chinchillas, Bubble and Squeak our budgies, degus,turkeys,ducks and name a few. Why not contact us via e-mail or call 01899 220844 and sponsor one of our deserving animals.


Halloween at Feufield's Llamas' Larder.....
29 October 2014

Call in this Halloween to Feufield's Llamas' Larder, 25.High Street. Spooky menu and Egyptian Tarot Readings from 19.30hrs-21.30hrs.

Fabulous Gifts........
10 October 2014

Hi everyone, check out our Llamas' Larder , 25,High Street Biggar. We've just started to stock up on original gifts and goodies....delicious chocolates, coffee lovers gift sets-ILLY coffee, cups and percolater and creamy fudge lots more. We've got scrummy cakes and delicious in today x