News from Feufield

BGT Kim Adam New! Broadcasting from the Farm.....
13 February 2012

 Hello Chance the Wonder Dog,so many of you are interested in what we animals get up to down here on the farm,Toby the Parrot has put forward the idea that we may start to broadcast some of our adventures by uploading them on U Tube.The Legend (in his own mind!) that is Taz Super Terrier is particularly interested,he thinks he is going to get shed loads of doughnuts! As you may well know we love our mum (Kim Adam) and she works night and day to look after all of us and has recently been "discovered" for her singing abilities.Her secret is beginning to spread far and wide,she's doin' it all for The Feufield Trust SCO 42564 to create a sustainable future for animals and education.There are other charities that are close to mum's heart and she helps them too when she can.So as soon as we can,with the help of creative Friends of Feufield we shall start to broadcast and upload some exciting adventures and songs.Watch out for BGT-Kim Adam. Aka Billy Goat TV productions! Tee Hee Luv Chance x