BGT Kim Adam.Moira Kerr's Visit to Feufield.
20 February 2012

 Hello everyone.On sunday 19th February The Feufield Trust SCO 42564 welcomed singer Moira Kerr to the farm.Moira had come along for lunch and to make friends with all of our "Feufield Family" of Animals.It soon became obvious that Moira is a true animal lover and we are  delighted that she is supporting our cause in a positive and creative way.Moira enjoyed her walk around Feufield and got to see and hold "Amber" our new baby kid goat.We did not realise that Moira has written a childrens book "Misty Moo and Friends" and has also produced,charming and amusing tapes and Cd's about Misty Moo's animal friends.We are sure all the children that visit Feufield will love love them! Moira may well continue the story to include some of our own animal characters in the future.We have started to take bookings for Moira's concert at the Corn Exchange,Biggar on 18th,May,which we are sure will be a special evening of music.Tickets on sale NOW from Feufield £10.00. See you soon,luv,The Feufield Family of Animals x